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Tax Consultancy

You are in need of competent tax consultancy?  Wether you are looking for ongoing advice or special consultation, we are sure you will find something in our wide range of services.

Ongoing tax advice

  • Preparation of tax returns for businesses, juridical persons and individuals
  • Acting as your agent with the tax authorities: on an ongoing basis and with respect to special issues
  • Ongoing information about changes in tax law
  • Tax planning in order to optimize your tax burden
  • Ongoing financial accounting and payroll accounting
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements: balance sheets or income statements
  • Filing applications such as deferral of tax liabilities
  • Submitting tax applications, such as postponement of payment of tax liabilities, extension of the deadlines or reduction of advance estimated payments
  • Acting as your agent on tax court proceedings

Special consultation

  • Advice on financial and asset planning
  • Advice on inheritance and business succession issues
  • Planning of start-ups or changes in your company’s legal form, as well as liquidation
  • Extensive business and management consultancy (for further information please visit our business and management consultancy page)

 Other consultation and services

  • Expert monitoring  of audits by the fiscal authorities
  • Guidance in bank negotiations
  • Business recovery advice
  • Advice on the optimal legal form from the standpoint of tax law
  • Tax planning and strategy development
  • Advice and training for your accounting personnel
  • Tax expertise activities
  • Advice related to computerised accounting